Training Offered

  1. Grade A Training
  2. Grade B Training
  3. Grade C Training
  4. Grade D Training
  5. Grade E Training

Psira no. 2337155/ T1658

Mtshoko Security General Business Enterprise has a Psira accredited security academy that has qualified instructors that training security guards.

Training Involves

  • How to use & maintain basic security equipment
  • How to communicate using security equipment such as radio and language
  • Public Relation
  • Role and function of security
  • Bombs and explosive firearms
  • Observation
  • Guarding and patrolling
  • Industrial relation – How to communicate with client
  • Pocket Book
  • Personal Hygiene
  • How to use security equipment
  • How to ensure asset protection through access and egress control
  • Protection of premises and assets under all conditions
  • Attend and give evidence in court
  • Safe and secure escorting of valuables, people and suspect
  • Receive, report and react to customer complains within a security environment
  • Manage own performance and work as part of a security team
  • Effecting a lawful citizen arrest
  • Outline the legal environment of a selected industry
  • Conduct a security patrol in an area of responsibility
  • Handle complains and problems
  • Perform handover and takeover responsibilities
  • Apply legal aspects in a security environment
  • Describe how to manage relations arising from a traumatic event
  • Write security report and take statements
  • Identify, handle and refuse security related conflict
  • Respond to emergency signals and situations
  • conduct access and egress control
  • Care of customers
  • Fire fighting

Contact Details

073 279 8759 / +27 11 333 0628

132 Albertina Sisulu Road, Mansion House 4th floor, Office suite 415, Johannesburg, 2001

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